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The life of a professional athlete is all I know and the way I want to live. Going down this road has made me the man I am today. Constantly seeking for improvement and giving in all, no matter what.

I dedicate a great part of my life to be a professional athlete. Until July 2018, I was a member of the 1st Slovenian national Nordic Combined team with status B. After that, I started to live a new sports dream. In year 2020 I was a member of elite cycling team MebloJogi Proconcrete. From January 2021 until December 2022 I was a member of continental team at Cycling team Kranj. From January 2023 I am member of continental team Santic Wibatech. I believe that hard training, strong will, and dedication leads to the fulfilment of my new sports goals. That's how I stay true to myself.

I will share my path, my sports life, people in it and new sports challenges with you on social media and here.