Leon Šarc



Year and place of birth: 1996, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Place of residence: Kamnik, Slovenia
Cycling club: WOM cycling GmbH, Germany
Ski jumping club: Ski Jumping Club Mengeš
Status: Member of the continental team Santic Wibatech from January 2023 on


I started with sports in elementary school. At the age of nine, I started with ski jumping and trained it for seven years. I was in Nordic Combined - ski jumping and cross-country skiing/roller skiing - from 2012 to 2018. As a teenager, I was dedicated to professional sport and in the meantime, I completed high school in Kamnik.

I showed great potential as a Nordic combined athlete with 13th place at Junior World Championships in the 2015/2016 season. I got my first Continental Cup points with 17th place in season 2016/2017. In the same season, I also started to compete in the World Cup and Summer Grand Prix. I got my first points in the Grand Prix competition in summer 2017. With getting points six times in Continental Cup races, season 2017/2018 was the best in my career. I set a new personal best result with 15th place in Planica.

I joined Club 200 with a flight long 200m in Planica in March 2016.

I decided to end my Nordic combined career after the season 2017/2018. I dedicated the year 2019 to compete in amateur cycling and managed to get some good results. In year 2020, I was a member of the Elite cycling team MebloJogi Proconcrete from Nova Gorica. I was a member of continental team at Cycling team Kranj In season 2021 and 2022. I continue my sports career a member of German continental cycling team Santic Wibatech from Passau.

I am proud of my sports path. From being a ski jumper to be a Nordic combined athlete and now a cyclist. Through the path I have taken, I learned a lot and I continue to learn. It constantly shapes me into a man with clear life goals.

I started working with Leon Šarc as a coach of Cycling Club Kranj in November 2021, when he was in his fourth year in cycling, third in the elite category. In the first months of cooperation, I realized that he has a big desire for progress and is ready to do what is necessary for good cycling results. He always wants to perform as well as possible in all elements of cycling as training, nutrition, regeneration, tactics, and technique, do the maximum and eliminate mistakes. He constantly strives to improve in the sport he enjoys. It is a pleasure for every coach to collaborate and work with an athlete dedicated to sports that Leon shows for cycling.

I believe, after everything I've seen since I've been his coach, he has an interesting sports career in cycling ahead of him.

~ Uroš Repše, coach

Working as coach with Leon Šarc is a different as working as a coach with my triathlon clients. I met him in high school. During that time, I was still active athlete in triathlon and Leon was an athlete, training ski jumps and we did not have much in common in sport at that time. Explosion and persistence go rarely hand-in-hand. After he finished the Nordic Combined sports career, he spent a lot of time cycling of road bike. Although beginner he had a focus and a boldness to be better every day. I was approached by his manager with a proposal to take over a coach role and prepare structured cycling training on the long term. The decision to work together was inevitable.

Determination, perseverance and desire to be better that Leon shows in cycling and the joy he has for this sport persuade me to agree to become his cycling coach. I cannot refer to cycling results yet, but his commitment to this sport in all respects is huge. I believe a real cycling sports career is for sure in front of him.

~ Leon Obreza, coach

Leon Šarc was one of my athletes in the club since he started training ski jumping at the age of nine. After seven years of training of ski jumping I suggested to try Nordic combination because I saw a different potential in him.

I believed that Leon in the Nordic Combination could hit the top results, which he has already been proven by results in younger categories. For world-class results, it is necessary for athlete to devote all his will, energy and time exclusively to training and competitions, which Leon is aware of. It is a kind of daily job, in which you devote your life to sports and consequently you are ready for daily efforts and trainings. The awareness that a renunciation and strong will is needed is, by my opinion, a key factor in achieving sports goals.

~ Aleš Selak, coach